Happy Birthday

To celebrate the author’s birthday, we are giving DELILAH, MY WOMAN away for several days, free of charge. You have until May 20th: click here to get your free copy from Amazon, and consider leaving a review if you do, or at least (or especially) consider making a friend read it, too.

8 Replies to “Happy Birthday”

  1. candypinkray says:

    Thanks very much- will read it and review it.

  2. candypinkray says:

    Hey, my comment disappeared. I said thanks very much – I will read it and write a review.

  3. candypinkray says:

    2nd of June

    • M. F. Sullivan says:

      Oh, how strange! I don’t see any reviews from 6/2!

    • M. F. Sullivan says:

      Aha! How interesting–apparently UK reviews only show in the UK and vice versa for US. Very strange of Amazon, but thank you for your kind words!

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