When prominent author Cassius Wagner learns of the 2031 release of the Lightning Stenography Device and its capacity for the instant transmission of thoughts from brain to computer screen, it not only seems too good to be true, but too immersive a process for his liking: wearing the LSD while asleep produces a novel written in his voice, mentioning a seizure he hasn’t yet had. His desperation to evade the seizure and escape the novel unfurling at his heels prevents him from seeing that his editrix and lover, Katherine Beauvoir, has produced a similar manuscript which is not only entirely predictive, but chronicles her haunting discovery of a human skull and the apparent conspiracy leading her to it. As the narrative shifts to the fantastical story of a sub-lingual Huntress’ efforts to free a captured King, both the readers and the characters draw increasingly aware of a truth about the human condition which must be experienced to be understood. An alchemical fairy tale within a literary novella within a speculative novel, THE LIGHTNING STENOGRAPHY DEVICE is a psychedelic thought experiment begging to take the reader on a literary trip like nothing they’ve ever experienced.

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