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Hello, reader. You may be looking around the website and wondering at the stark changes–not the least of which being the url, which has changed from to That is because, as the number of projects on the websites grows and its purpose changes, it finds itself quite a long way from the meager necessities which inspired its founding. With far more than Delilah, My Woman to consider, we had to adapt to a more universal name. will still get you here (which means my business cards are still good), but we are now officially

And how far it’s come since it started! All this time I’ve thought it a small operation with only about 40 WordPress followers–imagine my surprise when, in the process of updating the website, I discovered we actually have 983 readers! That is nearly a thousand people following the blog. Thank you all so much for all your continued support!

As winter draws on and the holiday season with it, the springtime release of The Lightning Stenography Device draws ever-nearer, and keeps the author, along with Painted Blind Publishing, exceptionally busy. Time normally taken for essays is going to query letters for reviewers and editors all across the country, so bear with us as we find the time to produce the new and unique content for which you’ve come to enjoy this blog. However, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and while December/January will be busy with the holidays, publishing ventures, and working on the third book of The Dominia di Mephitoli Trilogy, (or DMT, if you would prefer), some time will surely be put aside for an essay or two. Necromancy is looking to be a likely subject: check back on that in time.

Finally, The Lightning Stenography Device is available to add to your Wishlist on Amazon. Click here to add it. Or, if you’d rather, add it to your Goodreads to-read list! The giveaway for three signed hardbacks is over, but LibraryThing will be hosting a paperbacks giveaway soon, so stay tuned. Competition was fierce, and of the nearly 500 entrants, only three were chosen: it might be even more popular on LibraryThing!

As always, reader, thank you for your continued support. Keep watching the blog for the next essay, and get excited for The Lightning Stenography Device, available March 19th, 2018.

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