The Lightning Stenography Device

Things are getting serious now, aren’t they? Click here to read the full text of the review, but here’s my favorite excerpt:

It appears to be no coincidence that the device is often referred to by its initials, LSD. Meditations on existence, life, and death are wrapped in dreamy, ornamental prose, and the novel drifts from (relatively) straightforward narrative to fairy tale parable with similarly dream-like logic. This one is sure to please any armchair philosopher.

Thrilling! Be sure to pre-order THE LIGHTNING STENOGRAPHY DEVICE through Amazon so you can start reading your copy on or near the release date. March 19th is right around the corner! Meanwhile, we should (Increate willing) have the first part of the Book of the New Sun essay available next Friday, so be sure to come back soon. Thank you, always, for reading the blog and supporting our books with your purchases. Painted Blind Publishing is a small company, still, but as we grow in book sales, we hope to someday take on more authors and expand the types of books we have available. This is thanks to your subscriptions, your support, and your kind-hearted reviews!

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