Check Out The Bonus Post At ‘Songs Wrote My Story’: The Magic of Music

florence how big how blue

In an effort to both market this blog and help support another, really wonderful blog and blogger, M. F. Sullivan has written a short blog post for blog Songs Wrote My Story. Be sure to check it–and Hilary’s wonderful blog–out at the link below. Readers interested in my writing process–and fans of Delilah, My Woman or the band Florence + The Machine–may want to check it out; for a bit of fun, the writing playlist to which I religiously listened during the creation of The Lightning Stenography Device is available at the end of the article.

M. F. Sullivan on Songs Wrote My Story

By sheer coincidence, her blog turns two years old today–so, Happy Blogoversary, Songs Wrote My Story; and Happy Release Day, The Lightning Stenography Device! Be sure to grab your copy at Amazon.

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