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Delilah, My Woman Cover

Satiate your literary lust with the sensual language of this transgressive serial killer love story.

In 1992, young artist Richard Vasko meets an intoxicating older woman: within months, he has killed his mother, and painted a picture in her blood. The relationship falls apart, and Richard spends a lifetime trying to piece together what happened to him until the day the woman of his dreams contacts him out of nowhere. Her name is Delilah; she has been his fan for quite some time; and, he soon discovers, she has a key to his apartment.

As his too-perfect relationship with his biggest supporter spirals out of control in the face of his dark appetites, Richard learns that the line between dreams and nightmares is as thin as a razor: but the return of his older lover threatens to dissolve it completely, and he struggles, not just to choose between the women he worships, but to curb his compulsions to paint with human blood.

Assuming, of course, he can develop the desire to curb them at all.

With electric prose and a story full of unforgettable twists, DELILAH, MY WOMAN is sure to leave a lasting impression on those who dare to intimately know the mind of a murderer, and delight those craving an altogether different tale of romantic suspense. Serial killer fiction has never been so elegant.


“A debut novel like this one only comes around a few times every decade.”

“I’ve been completely blown away by this book…it is a work of art.

“The prose is rich and every word is crafted and chosen perfectly.”


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