Christmas is Coming, and So Are Reviews–Read Three for THE HIEROPHANT’S DAUGHTER, Free on NetGalley until May!


A great big thanks Goodreads reader Amber Triplett, who posted her four-star review a few weeks ago: and a big Christmas thanks to blogger Brad Horner, who crossposted his NetGalley review here at his blog, and blogger Anna Lindbjerg, who published her generous review on her blog, Marvellous Tales. Additionally, it seems we’ve already sold at least one pre-order copy, because THE HIEROPHANT’S DAUGHTER hardback edition is already on Amazon’s charts. Very exciting news. Some review excerpts:

I very much enjoyed this mix of cyberpunk, not-vampires, and the apocalypse. I think it does something a bit different with those elements, and I am here for it. The main character, Dominia, is fully realized and believably flawed, while also being likeable and fun. The side characters are amazing, especially the dog. I hope to see lots more of Basil in the future. The plot is tight and the prose is really beautiful and thoughtful throughout the book. This book left me wanting more, and I can’t wait to read the next in the series.

–Amber Triplett

Thanks, Amber! We love Basil, too. Here’s a funny picture of him wearing glasses–and wouldn’t you like to click that link and see where he’ll take you? He’s such a good boy, how could you resist?

One click = One head pat

What a good boy. On to the next review:

Is this vast tapestry of bloodsuckers well thought out? Hell yeah. Right down to the ongoing mystery of where the Hierophant came from, the cult that sprang up around him, the general social and socioeconomic landscape, scientific progress, and so much more.


This is NOT your standard horror or SF epic. Or UF, for that matter. This is a fully realized future history with a fully explained SF core for every horror element here. Nicely done, I might add.

–Brad Horner


Dominia was an interesting character to follow, and I really liked the flashbacks back to her early life with the Hierophant and the time she spent with her wife. Actually most of the characters were interesting to read about, as they all were very different.

The world too was very fascinating, and I liked the dystopian atmosphere as well as the martyrs (who were not quite vampires, but still kinda were). I loved that the story took place in so many different places of the world, such as both Japan and Kabul. And it even mentioned Denmark a few times – The Hierophant lives in Kronborg!

–Anna Lindbjerg

Thanks, Anna! I sure hope you’ve invested in an electronic barrier for your home, though: as you’ve read and just noted, living in Denmark can be dangerous business. I’d advise you click the ad at the bottom of the page for, but, well, their disclaimer is pretty clear. Good luck to you in the future! I hope you’ll survive until BOOK II, THE GENERAL’S BRIDE, becomes available to NetGalley bookbloggers sometime in March.

That’s all for now, readers, but keep on eye on the site over the next week or two. A Christmas present of one kind or another might be on the way–with all these reviewers talking about the timeline, wouldn’t it be fun if you could get a preview of it all?

Well, we’ll just have to see whether you were naughty or nice this year, won’t we. Meanwhile, are you on NetGalley? Want to see what all the fuss is about? Click the widget link!

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