Pardon Our Dust Yet Again


No rest for the wicked, folks. As we come up to the release date of THE HIEROPHANT’S DAUGHTER, I am filling time with updating the website and improving Painted Blind Publishing’s mailing list system. We are going to begin discouraging people from subscribing to the blog and are instead going to strongly encourage new readers to sign up for PBP’s direct mailing list. And, to reward their interest, we are offering a free ebook copy of my short story, “The Remedy”. Simply sign up with your e-mail and first name, and when you confirm your e-mail address, you’ll be directed to a Bookfunnel link where you can immediately download the book with no further accounts or e-mails required.

Meanwhile, we have some new essays on the horizon, including several in memoriam of Gene Wolfe. Keep an eye out for those, but, most of all, get ready for the publication of Book I on May 19th, 2019!

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