M. F. Sullivan

M.F. Sullivan is a novelist currently living in the scenic town of Ashland, Oregon.

Writers of the Future Contest Honorable Mention


Delilah, My Woman Hardcover


Satiate your literary lust with the sensual language of this transgressive dark romance.

DELILAH, MY WOMAN follows Richard Vasko, a troubled artist whose obsession with two women leads him down a depraved and bloody path. When a sizzling older woman walks into young Richard’s workplace, he begins to yearn for a larger world, and to question the one he’s known: but when the consequences cause his life to spiral out of control and the real woman of his dreams appears as if from nowhere, his own dark appetites rise to the forefront, and he learns that the line between dreams and nightmares is thin as the blade of a razor.

As his wicked older lover returns into his life, he is forced to face the reality of what he’s done, and to try to find a way out of a situation from which there is no escape. With electric prose and a story full of unforgettable twists, DELILAH, MY WOMAN is sure to leave a lasting impression on those who dare to intimately know the mind of a serial killer, and delight those craving an altogether different tale of romantic suspense.


The first marketable thought to text device is released for public consumption in 2031. That same year, author Cassius Wagner will have a seizure. At least, that is what the novel says: the novel to which he awakens in fragments one morning after a late night of writing. This novel. Terrified to have a prophetic manuscript unfurling at his heels, his desperation to evade his fate prevents him from considering that his lover and editrix, Katherine Beauvoir, might be wrestling with a destiny of her own. Told in four psychedelic parts which peak with the fable of a sublingual Huntress as she fights to save her King, THE LIGHTNING STENOGRAPHY DEVICE blurs the speculative fiction and fantasy genres to explore the fabric of literature, and the boundaries of reality. To be released in 2018.


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Sullivan chats with Ari Augustine about THE LIGHTNING STENOGRAPHY DEVICE


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