Check out for the first episode in an erotic mystery story sure to delight fans of Twin Peaks and Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san!

Griswald School for Unruly Girls is an anachronism. A private mansion transformed into an all-girls’ reformatory high school, it has more in common with a prison than your standard American educational facility: that’s true not just of the student population, but the school policies themselves. With girls from all walks of life—especially hard ones—it should come as no surprise that the traditional school utilizes very traditional methods of discipline.

Fresh new student Lucia Eirwen, however, is more than surprised. After her transfer from California public school, eighteen-year-old Lulu is out of place and hungry for a friend. But after she catches the eye of the sexy school bully within minutes of her arrival, the situation spirals out of control. As naive Lulu falls victim to sadistic Rhoda Dendron’s campaign to share the strict standards of the school, she learns nothing is what it seems in either the school or the town of Griswald.

But can she learn why she seems to love being bullied by Rhoda?

This romantic tale of erotic mystery contains explicit content that may not be appropriate for all readers. Discretion is advised.

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