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Category: alchemy

[short story] The Mourning Belles of Mexico

[No article this week, come back next week for the Bowie article. Until then, enjoy this story. -M. F. S.] There was one time in Mexico where something happened to Susan which she could never quite explain, so she never did, and in fact never talked about it to anybody at all. It was a day she bought a black mirror. This was before phones were the big thing so every human being had a black mirror with them at all times, you see— in fact, this was just after… Read more [short story] The Mourning Belles of Mexico

[poetry] ‘for the queen of lapis lazuli’

you kissed me, once, kindergarten, recall– behind my ear. called ‘bee sting’, but to a child’s small vision, the cosmic blue indigos of mauvender pain quenched all eternity: what that then is which is now was exploding all away with the terrible gunshot pain of death while i was lifted from my plastic seat with a scream of tearful pain which i did not feel making during which you clutched me for the first, first saw me, though i not you, and together we awoke, your eye under mine refocused… Read more [poetry] ‘for the queen of lapis lazuli’