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Category: Regarding Susan

REGARDING SUSAN is the working title of an in-development collection of short stories all about Susan, the antagonist of DELILAH, MY WOMAN. But what kind of person is she, really, when our perception of her is no longer skewed by Richard’s (arguably justified) hatred? Read some of the stories now.

[short story] The Mourning Belles of Mexico

[No article this week, come back next week for the Bowie article. Until then, enjoy this story. -M. F. S.] There was one time in Mexico where something happened to Susan which she could never quite explain, so she never did, and in fact never talked about it to anybody at all. It was a day she bought a black mirror. This was before phones were the big thing so every human being had a black mirror with them at all times, you see— in fact, this was just after… Read more [short story] The Mourning Belles of Mexico

New Susan Story Available At Fictionaut: Read “At Least There Will Be Plenty Implied” Now!

At thirty-one, there came a December afternoon when Susan found herself draped in a stiff wooden chair, staring into her glass of straight whiskey and trying very hard to find a way to kill her husband. The dining room she inhabited was dusty because they hadn’t entertained in a month at least and she just couldn’t manage to give a damn. She couldn’t give a damn about anything anymore. It was all so tedious and she just wanted it to stop, would do anything for it to stop.