If you’re at this page, you’ve probably already read DOTTIE FOR YOU Episode 6: DULCET LITTLE DOT. But if you haven’t–or if you’re not familiar with the DOTTIE series–be sure to read that first!

You know it, I know it, Dottie and Harold know it: the mere prose of Dottie’s graphic novel is just too horrible for Amazon. At least, it’s a story that has no business in the erotica category. But that doesn’t mean you can’t read it—in fact, it means you get to read it for free. Painted Blue Publishing and Regina Watts are offering you a few ways to acquire your copy of DOTTIE AFTER DARK: Secret Episode 2, but you only need to do one of these things. Pick your favorite and once you’ve done it, fill out this form. We’ll get you a download link to the secret episode within 24 hours. This offer is valid until DOTTIE’s serialized episodes are combined into paperback volumes, at which point in time the only way to acquire this episode will be buying the volume in which it appears. Don’t wait! Get it for free instead and help DOTTIE grow.

  1. Leave a 4- or 5-star review on the Amazon page for DOTTIE FOR YOU Episode 1: FEELING DOTTIE. Once your review is posted, share it on twitter or another social media platform with the hashtags #DOTTIE, #bookreview and #amreading! Goodreads doesn’t count, US or Japanese Amazon pages preferred.
  2. Produce some original DOTTIE fan art and share it on twitter with the hashtags #DOTTIE, #guroart and #amreading! Don’t forget to @ Regina on this one.
  3. Take some pictures of yourself with DOTTIE merch and share it with the hashtags #DOTTIE, #horror and #amreading!
  4. Book blogger or vlogger? Do a blog/vlog review of DOTTIE and share it with #DOTTIE, #bookreview and #amreading!
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