In the year 20XX, Bob Romulus has been President of the United States for seven years, but dissent in Washington D.C. in particular has grown with recent constitutional amendments outlining a new order of succession: one in which, if President and Vice President are killed within forty-eight hours of one another, the successor must be chosen based on the President’s will. With a bought Supreme Court unable or unwilling to check the law and a useless congress, America’s First Family has become more akin to European royalty: but their celebration is short-lived when along with the title comes all the treachery, intrigue and cruelty one would expect–and not expect, in the case of daughter Lucretia Romulus, who may be the most devious member of her group. As Bob Romulus descends ever more into apparent dementia and his children fight under the watchful eye of Vice President and brother Claude Romulus, who will be seated in the Oval Office when the dust has settled?

Romulus is a play of about two hours which utilizes a five act structure and Shakespearean staging and style; it requires 10-12 actors with some room for doubling and cross-gender casting, though because gay rights, race, and immigration are issues at the heart of the play, there are some diverse casting specifications. It has not yet been produced.

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