The Red King of The West

More than twenty years after the War between the Dread King of the West and the Gold King of the East, Western Prince Logosus has returned home from his studies abroad only to find he cannot claim the throne until marriage. When, though, his intended bride, Princess Sophia of the East, proves to be held captive by her step-mother, the Evil Queen Ophidia, the Prince must find some way to reach her–and, once he has reached her, some way to wrest her from her parents. But with the drought which has been in place since the war starving his people, and the Gold King under his Queen’s dark thumb, there is more to Logosus’ journey than wooing a Princess; more to the Princess than to allow herself ‘rescued’; and, most significantly, more to the Evil Queen than anyone could suspect. A contemporary blank verse fairy tale exploring the concepts of gender and gender politics, among many others, THE RED KING OF THE WEST runs just over two hours and can be played by a cast of 10 and read by a cast of fewer still. It has not yet been produced.

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