Soror Vitam A. P. M.

Soror Vitam Æternam Per Mortis (Soror Vitam A. P. M. for short) is the magical motto of a young author currently living in Indiana. The member of an undisclosed magickal order, Sister Vitam is an intense occultist, an amateur painter, and a friend of Painted Blind Publishing flagship author M. F. Sullivan. Though Vitam no longer resides in Oregon’s Rogue Valley, having returned to her childhood home for what she hopes to be a temporary time, it is the setting of her debut transgressive novel, FAMILIARITY, coming sometime between 2021 and 2022 from Painted Blind Publishing. Keep an eye on the Painted Blind website for more information about FAMILIARITY as the year draws on, and look for an author photo eventually!

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