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Celebrate the new Audiobook Edition of THE HIEROPHANT’S DAUGHTER by Listening to The DMT Soundtrack on Spotify!

That’s right, folks: narrated by the wonderful Kirsten Trump (no relation), you can now enjoy an Audible-exclusive audiobook version of THE HIEROPHANT’S DAUGHTER while you work at the gym, drive to work, tidy your house, or pretend to work at the office! Be sure to check it out on–and to celebrate the new audio edition of 2019’s darkest LGBTQ+ cyberpunk/horror trilogy, as well as the soon-to-come cover reveal of


Don’t miss your chance to get a free copy of THE HIEROPHANT’S DAUGHTER on Amazon Kindle for two more days while you’re ordering your copy of THE GENERAL’S BRIDE for $4.99! While you’re at it, be sure to check out the book club guide of Book II over at the Media Kit and write a review wherever you post them if you’ve read the book. Keep in touch with Painted

Extra Content: The Cover Reveal for THE GENERAL’S BRIDE, Plus A Blog Blitz Tour List

Say that three times fast. Please enjoy the beautiful cover of DISGRACED MARTYR TRILOGY BOOK II, THE GENERAL’S BRIDE, envisioned by the extraordinary artist I am honored to call my friend, Nuno Moreira. Find most of the media kit on PBP’s Media Kit page (I say “most” because the book club guide is forthcoming) and, as always, preorder the book on Painted Blind’s store,, Barnes &, or

HAPPY #BOOKBIRTHDAY! THE HIEROPHANT’S DAUGHTER, Book I of an LGBTQ+ Cyberpunk/Horror Trilogy, is out!

Hard to believe it’s already here! That’s right, folks, you can now purchase your very own copy of The Hierophant’s Daughter–and you can pre-order The General’s Bride. We’ll make some kind of official cover reveal post in a few days, but since we’re sending out ARCs soon, feel free to enjoy (and preorder) Book II in The Disgraced Martyr Trilogy so you can enjoy it before all your friends. Check

Pardon Our Dust Yet Again

No rest for the wicked, folks. As we come up to the release date of THE HIEROPHANT’S DAUGHTER, I am filling time with updating the website and improving Painted Blind Publishing’s mailing list system. We are going to begin discouraging people from subscribing to the blog and are instead going to strongly encourage new readers to sign up for PBP’s direct mailing list. And, to reward their interest, we are


As always, click the link in the sidebar/footer ads or this one right here to pre-order THE HIEROPHANT’S DAUGHTER, first in an LGBTQ+ cyberpunk/horror trilogy. Thanks for your patience as we’ve worked to put the finish touches on booklaunch preparations; more interpretive essays will be on the way soon, including potential essays about The Promised Neverland and Ancient Magus’s Bride. Beyond almost any element of The Disgraced Martyr Trilogy, early

THE DEVIL LOVES YOU, AND SO DOES SUPERVERT: An Overview of, and Love Letter to, Literature’s Sharpest Living Mind

[Ed: Yes, readers, I’ve been negligent. Apologies. The Disgraced Martyr Trilogy blog tour is going to begin over the next week, so be sure to pre-order your copy in order to have yours when it comes out May 19th! By way of recompense, please accept the first of a double helping of essays today.] With another book almost ready for publication, Supervert writes that he considers his works to be


BOOK I of THE DISGRACED MARTYR TRILOGY is available for pre-order on at the low price of $4.99! Spend that money now so you can dive into the first installment in the most violent and disturbing cyberpunk/horror trilogy to come along in years when it releases on May 19th, and in the meantime, check out the Goodreads reviews to whet your appetite for what’s to come. I’ll level with

Essay? What Essay? I Didn’t Promise An Essay

Some idiot promised to have an essay up last week and didn’t deliver, so while I self-flagellate you can rest easy in the knowledge that I am, at this point in time, living my life on a weekly basis rather than a daily basis–and by that I mean, I am so busy and so constantly ‘going’ (and so prone to restless, naplike sleep as it is) that my whole timescale

SO YOU’VE REMEMBERED YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN A MAGICIAN: 15 Tips, Tricks and Intuition Games for the Internet Age Occultist

Hello, regular reader. Welcome to 2019’s brand new season of bi-weekly essays, brought to you by author M. F. Sullivan. To support her continued production of these essays and enjoy far more polished forms of her work, check out her fiction–and preorder The Hierophant’s Daughter by clicking this link, or one of the links in the sidebar or footer. Thank you as always for your continued support, and hang in

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