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Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce today the release of my book, DELILAH, MY WOMAN, currently available for ereaders and in hardback format as well! Snag your electronic copy and get to reading today, or, if you can stand to wait, be sure to order the hardcover and receive your copy with the gorgeous cover art contributed by artist Nuno Moreira. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. ORDER NOW THE TRAILER Thank you for all you fans of The Delilah 100, and all you interested readers who keep… Read more RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT – ORDER DELILAH, MY WOMAN TODAY!

[GUEST POST] – Richard Vasko’s Compendium of Killer Literature

A note from M. F. Sullivan: This was originally written as a comment for for, but I thought we’d get some mileage out of it here. Introducing our first ever guest post with our on-staff serial killer expert, the artist Richard Vasko. I have no real explanation as to what brings me here, my situation being what it is, and all, but I do have books to discuss with you all. Apparently it’s good to ‘get out’ and ‘interact’ and so this is what we’re doing here. And what… Read more [GUEST POST] – Richard Vasko’s Compendium of Killer Literature

New Susan Story Available At Fictionaut: Read “At Least There Will Be Plenty Implied” Now!

At thirty-one, there came a December afternoon when Susan found herself draped in a stiff wooden chair, staring into her glass of straight whiskey and trying very hard to find a way to kill her husband. The dining room she inhabited was dusty because they hadn’t entertained in a month at least and she just couldn’t manage to give a damn. She couldn’t give a damn about anything anymore. It was all so tedious and she just wanted it to stop, would do anything for it to stop.

Modern Vampires: Hannibal, Sparkles, And Hybristophilia

Hybristophilia is a concept which has been gaining interest for some time, particularly from a literary standpoint. A hybristophile is best described as some who loves their partner because of a serious crime, often violent in nature. When we think of the word, we think of Myra Hindley, or Ted Bundy’s legion of fan-girls. Crazy women, we think. Lunatics! What woman would write to someone like that, let alone participate! Of course, there is always that reaction upon learning of a new fetish. I, for one, remember the first time… Read more Modern Vampires: Hannibal, Sparkles, And Hybristophilia