The Ishtar Sonnets

Mea Culpa, dear readers, but I don’t have an essay for you this week. After getting whipped up in a high-synchronicity birthday trip to San Francisco (a very good time, might I add, and magically vivifying) and completing a third full-length play for me to submit around, I am now roughly 45% done with the novel and will be taking another couple of weeks off from non-fiction in order to

[poetry] ‘for the queen of lapis lazuli’

you kissed me, once, kindergarten, recall– behind my ear. called ‘bee sting’, but to a child’s small vision, the cosmic blue indigos of mauvender pain quenched all eternity: what that then is which is now was exploding all away with the terrible gunshot pain of death while i was lifted from my plastic seat with a scream of tearful pain which i did not feel making during which you clutched

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Time Until Dominia Comes HomeJanuary 9, 2020
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