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SO YOU’VE REMEMBERED YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN A MAGICIAN: 15 Tips, Tricks and Intuition Games for the Internet Age Occultist

Hello, regular reader. Welcome to 2019’s brand new season of bi-weekly essays, brought to you by author M. F. Sullivan. To support her continued production of these essays and enjoy far more polished forms of her work, check out her fiction–and preorder The Hierophant’s Daughter by clicking this link, or one of the links in the sidebar or footer. Thank you as always for your continued support, and hang in

Christmas is Coming, and So Are Reviews–Read Three for THE HIEROPHANT’S DAUGHTER, Free on NetGalley until May!

The Hierophant’s Daughter On NetGalley   A great big thanks Goodreads reader Amber Triplett, who posted her four-star review a few weeks ago: and a big Christmas thanks to blogger Brad Horner, who crossposted his NetGalley review here at his blog, and blogger Anna Lindbjerg, who published her generous review on her blog, Marvellous Tales. Additionally, it seems we’ve already sold at least one pre-order copy, because THE HIEROPHANT’S DAUGHTER


Don’t expect this every day, folks, but THE LIGHTNING STENOGRAPHY DEVICE is under a dollar on Amazon.com until 12 A. M. on April 7th. Click anywhere on the text of this paragraph to check it out.  If you love occultism, psychedelic drugs and music, mysticism, fairy tales, poisoning your friends and far, far more, don’t miss this alchemical blend of philosophical sci-fi and surreal fantasy. And if you would prefer

Fictional Author Cassius Wagner Gives Real Fake Interview About The Line Between Fiction And Reality

Readers of The Lightning Stenography Device will be thrilled to know that fictional author, Cassius Wagner, has had a most intriguing real fake interview (with apologies  to Rick and Morty) with fantastic blogger Jason Denness. In it, Wagner discusses the line between fantasy and reality, the future of art, and THE LIGHTNING STENOGRAPHY DEVICE, his newly-released anthology, co-authored with editor Katherine Beauvoir and tech savant Enoch Azarias. You can read it

An Analysis Of The Alchemical Tradition Behind BOOK OF THE NEW SUN, Part II: The Solve et Coagula of Terminus Est

BEFORE WE BEGIN: THE LIGHTNING STENOGRAPHY DEVICE IS NOW AVAILABLE IN HARDBACK, PAPERBACK AND EBOOK. CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY! ON BOOKS AND THEIR AUTHORS All writing—all art—is, by definition, a work of active imagination. Jungians postulate that for something to qualify as true ‘active imagination’ in the psychiatric manner as meant by Jung, it must be for a certain purpose, or follow certain guidelines, but the fact of

New Look, Same Place

Hello, reader. You may be looking around the website and wondering at the stark changes–not the least of which being the url, which has changed from http://www.delilahmywoman.com to http://www.paintedblindpublishing.com. That is because, as the number of projects on the websites grows and its purpose changes, it finds itself quite a long way from the meager necessities which inspired its founding. With far more than Delilah, My Woman to consider, we

A Clockwork Butterfly: Broadway Trip Wrap-Up and Lightning Stenography Device News

Having recently had the opportunity to visit New York City for the first time and spend a week there seeing ten shows, on- and off-Broadway both, I was struck not just by the quality of New York theater, but the breadth of experimentation. Coming as I do from Ashland, Oregon, whose Shakespeare Festival has a loyal crowd to please, it was refreshing to see theaters which had the opportunity to

The Ishtar Sonnets

Mea Culpa, dear readers, but I don’t have an essay for you this week. After getting whipped up in a high-synchronicity birthday trip to San Francisco (a very good time, might I add, and magically vivifying) and completing a third full-length play for me to submit around, I am now roughly 45% done with the novel and will be taking another couple of weeks off from non-fiction in order to

Mercury, Jung, And The Magical Girl Part I: The Alchemy of Rayearth OVA

[This week’s essay is part one of a two-parter covering first RAYEARTH OVA and then Puella Magic Madoka Magica; however, Part II will be posted in three weeks rather than the standard two due to the holiday season. I may or may not do a shorter essay about the film Arrival in the meantime, so be sure to follow the blog if you aren’t already, or send me an email

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